Digital Heating Magnetic Stirrer

General Features

  • Microprocessor to keep the last working settings in memory
  • With 4 separate value screens, all of the following can be monitored simultaneously.
  •              • Set temperature of table or probe
  •              • Actual instantaneous temperature value of table or probe
  •              • Mixing speed value
  •              • Timer value It can be operated in ° F unit and one-touch temperature units can be changed.
  • When the surface is over 50 ° C, the ası HOT ’warning lamp illuminates and warns the user.
  • The temperature, mixing speed and time settings are not stepped by a stepwise rotary knob, but are steplessly controlled by a touch-sensitive keypad.
  • Powerful BLDC with long life and no maintenance
  • There is an upper safe temperature value setting in which the heating will be stopped to prevent overheating and to prevent the risks of the liquid mixture such as glare.
  • It can rotate magnetic fish with lengths between 24 and 60 mm.
  • There is an auto-start mode that allows you to start from the power failure and the last running time after power failure.
  • There are 99 different program memories that can be set to different speed, time and temperature values.
  • There are also 5 different serial program features that can be configured and adjusted in succession.
  • There is a programmable pulse mode, which allows the mixing time to be clocked and then counterclockwise for the same amount of time and for more powerful mixing. The time in this mode, which provides bidirectional mixing, can be set from 30 to 99 seconds.
  • With the PT1000 sensor, the temperature can be controlled and controlled according to the temperature of the sample and the temperature can be controlled and controlled by the sensors in the table.
Device TypeDigital, Table Top
Heating RangeAmbient temperature to 550 °C, in steps of 1 °C
Mixing Speed Range200-2200 rpm, 10 rpm steps
Timer Mode1-999 minutes or continuous operation
Maximum Mixing Capacity20 liters (H20)
Table MaterialNano Crystal Glass Ceramics
Table Dimensions180 x 180 mm
Programming ModeProgrammable 99 programs and 5 sequential program memories
Pulse ModeProvides two-way strong mixing, period can be adjusted between 30-99 sec.
3 Different Heating ModesHigh-precision graded, High-precision fast and Low-precision very fast
Auto Start ModeStarts after power failure and last running values.
Magnetic Fish Fracture DetectionYes
Magnetic Fish Slip DetectionIt detects from the trajectory and automatically corrects and corrects it.
Temperature Probe DetectionWhen the PT-1000 probe is installed, the yan Probe ’light is on and the warning message is displayed when the probe is not in the solution.
Keypad LockYes
Safety Temperature PointThere is a programmable upper safe temperature value setting to stop heating.
Table Warm WarningWarns the user when the surface is over 50 ° C.
RS232 InterfaceYes
Weight5,4 kg
Dimensions: (DxGxY)220 x 330 x 115 mm
Protection ClassIP21
Motor typeBLDC
Power1220 W
IncludedPT1000 temperature probe and connection stand